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Artspace's Online Toolkit is a Do-It-Yourself online resource for communities looking to develop affordable space for artists and arts organizations. It empowers communities to look at arts development through the eyes of a developer.

We recognize that not all potential development projects necessitate full-blown Artspace assessments or involvement. With this set of online tools, Artspace is able to serve communities on a smaller, self-directed, and flexible scale. Combined with phone and web-based consulting time, the Toolkit helps groups determine the feasibility of a project in their own community.

Our goal is to help communities address their arts-related space needs and offer the Online Toolkit to guide them as they take steps on their own.

Who Might Benefit

  • Individual organizers and artists
  • Small cultural and arts organizations
  • Small cities and towns organizing and planning art and cultural space

What the Toolkit Provides

  • Unlimited access to the Online Toolkit site for six months
  • Two hours of phone consultation with Artspace professionals
  • Ability to download original documents for future reference
  • Access to the accumulated experience and best practices developed by Artspace over three decades of work
  • Links to recommended reading and other contacts for further research

What the Toolkit Teaches

  • How to Identify a workable Project Concept
  • How to Survey Your Market
  • How to Analyze a Site
  • How to Identify Funding Sources
  • How to Identify and Cultivate Local Leaders

How others have used the Online Toolkit

Pullman Neighborhood in Chicago, IL

Pullman Neighborhood set up teams to investigate each of the "How to's" for their project and conducted a small-scale market survey.
Two hours of phone consulting: help refining their surveys.

Baudette, MN

The Online Toolkit helped them plan for renovations of an historic train depot. They conducted user surveys to determine local interest in an arts education center.
Two hours of phone consulting: identifying funding and refining their survey.

Overland Park, KS

Overland Park primarily used the Toolkit for the consulting time as this group had development experience.
Two hours of phone consulting: assistance with funding questions and a second set of eyes on the budget assumptions.


The Online Toolkit is fully accessible for members, but anyone can have a look around. To find out how to become a Toolkit member, email

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