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Arts Market Survey

Consulting Service

If you build it they will come” may work in the movies, but has no place in real estate development. Before proceeding with any project, Artspace plans for success by measuring the market for arts and creative space.

The Arts Market Survey paints a clear picture of the demand for arts spaces in an area. A crucial step in the predevelopment process, it is instrumental in determining the size and nature of a market. Artspace Consulting also provides survey support to organizations across the country working to develop arts facilities in their own communities.

Each online survey is customized to reflect the unique characteristics of the project and local arts scene. Developing the questionnaire, publicizing it, collecting data and analyzing the results take about four to six months.

Two types of Arts Market Surveys:

  1. Survey of individual artists and creatives
  2. Combination survey of a) individual artists and creatives, and b) arts/cultural organizations and creative businesses

The Scope of Work Includes:

  • Customized survey based on a proprietary template and tailored for the community.
  • Survey outreach support in the form of strategy, examples, and feedback on content that can be used in websites, social media, and printed materials.
  • Travel and presentation at launch event to build excitement about the project and survey.
  • Online survey hosting with an original URL (optional)which can be set up to collect email addresses and provide project updates
  • Weekly updates on survey responses with suggestions for outreach or mid-stream corrections.
  • Final report with analysis and interpretation of survey responses in context of the specific project. Includes recommendations about the number, types, and rental rates of units.
  • Nonresidential tenant leads (for combination surveys) for the developer to follow up with interested organizations. 

The Purpose of the Surveys:

  • Quantify the overall demand for arts and creative spaces.
  • Identify the types of spaces, amenities and features that artists want/need.
  • Inform site selection, design, and programmatic decisions.
  • Maintain community involvement throughout the project.
  • Help build support and secure additional funding.