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Introducing the Lindquist Legacy Fund

Artspace is pleased to introduce the Lindquist Legacy Fund. Watch this video to learn more about the important, partnership-based work that Artspace is committed to for building affordable, sustainable, and equitable creative spaces for artists and their families in distinct cultural communities. 

Support the Artspace Annual Fund

By supporting the Artspace Annual Fund, you can help preserve our 40+ existing projects as places where artists thrive and community is built. The Annual Fund also helps Artspace identify and advance new projects across the country, and it allows us to work closely with government officials, banks, community development agencies, and other civic institutions to understand how they can put artists at the heart of positive, sustainable community development.


2016 Artspace Award Winner Introductions

Watch the introductions for the four 2016 Artspace Award recipients.

Ideas & Insights

The Artist Impact: An Artspace National Story Series

This series of articles in The Line tell artists' stories, share the impact of artists on their diverse communities, and delve into the importance of artist live/work housing in fostering stability, vitality and creativity in urban and rural areas across the United States.