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 Ephraim Urevbu

Memphis Artist Spotlight: Ephraim Urevbu, Art Village Gallery

Marco Pavé

The Art Village Gallery was a pioneer in establishing the South Main Arts District in Memphis. The gallery caters to artwork from Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. In this interview you will hear from Ephraim Urevbu, the gallery's owner and founder. 


What we're good at: Matching organizations with the right space

Roy M. Close, Vice President, Special Projects, Artspace

Over the last decade, Artspace Consulting has worked with many clients – arts organizations, arts councils, foundations, government agencies, and, occasionally, individuals – all of them seeking to tap into our unique experience and skills. But what are those skills? What do we know, and what are the things we’re good at? 


Memphis Artist Spotlight: The Collective

Marco Pavé

In Memphis as in other places, artists struggle daily with a multitude of issues, from securing affordable housing, to raising capital, to just having a space to showcase their work. This month, Marco Pavé, an artist, musician, writer, and local arts advocate and a Memphis native writing for the Artspace project in Memphis, the South Main Artspace Lofts interviews local artists and a special art collective. 

Paintings by Sarah Brokke

Artspace Consulting working to ensure future health of Duluth Art Institute

Lucas Koski, Artspace Consulting

Artspace Consulting is currently working with the Duluth Art Institute (DAI), located in Duluth, Minnesota, to help them assess their current space usage and make decisions about the future of their facilities.


Artspace Offers Unique Opportunity for a Memphis Bohemia

Marco Pavé

How does the focus on art’s role in city economies affect real-life working artists, for whom issues of affordability, community, and resources are key? Increasingly, artists have wanted to find a balance between the creative flows that make artistic life possible and the financial stability that makes “normal” life—being able to pay bills and care for one’s family—possible.

Detroit Immersion Group, August 2015

Artspace Immersion: Detroit

Artspace Immersion is known for bringing together community leaders from around the country to learn about nonprofit development and arts facility management. For the newly launched Artspace Immersion: Detroit, geographic scope has narrowed, focusing on a variety of nonprofits all in one city.


The Artspace Survey That Launched a Project: Spotlight on Hastings, MN

Roy M. Close, Vice President of Special Projects, Artspace

In this spotlight on Hastings, Minnesota, Roy Close, Vice President of Special Projects at Artspace illustrates how an Artspace project receives the green light using a powerful tool developed by the Artspace consulting team: the Arts Market Survey. 


Pushing Back Against Gentrification

Artspace was formed in 1979 as a response to a prevalent and destructive belief: that artists are barriers to economic growth that must be removed to enable “progress.” In the 1970s, ‘80s, ‘90s and still today, this belief justified the eviction of countless artists and culture bearers from various “art spaces” so those properties could be reclaimed for more traditionally profitable uses, resulting in the gentrification of many cultural enclaves and communities. 

Housing New York: A Five-Borough, Ten-Year Plan

Housing New York: A Five-Borough, Ten-Year Plan

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled his plan for housing in the City, with El Barrio's Artspace PS109 highlighted as one of 11 case studies of affordability.


The Power to Change Our Communities

Before Artspace begins construction, we regularly connect with local community leaders and artists in each of the cities where we’re in development, providing art-based community engagement. This connection to a project creates dynamic energy —contributing to healthy and sustainable growth once the building is in operation for resident artists, commercial tenants and the surrounding neighborhood. 


Artist Preference in Affordable Housing

Artspace pioneered the use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits for affordable artist housing with our first project in St. Paul. Over the years we helped codify artist preference in federal housing law and developed a set of best practices for artist selection.


Artspace 2014 Year-End Review

As Artspace enters its 36th year of operation, we're proud of what we've accomplished. This year has been one of continued growth, sustained affordability and new opportunities for artists.

 "Extraordinary Journeys: Tapping the Creative Place, Inside and Out"

How The St. Paul Companies Leadership Initiatives in Neighborhoods Program Changed Lives and Communities

Be inspired by the real-life stories and lessons these problem-solvers, idea chasers encountered in their quest to impact their communities in Carolyn Holbrook's book "Extraordinary Journeys: Tapping the Creative Place, Inside and Out".

Rich Martin

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Reflections on Artspace's Beginnings

Richard Martin

At the Artspace annual meeting in 2013, board member Rich Martin shared his insights on the lessons Artspace learned on its first real estate project in the late 1980s. 

Elgin Artspace Lofts

Artspace Year in Review

It's been an amazing year at Artspace, with new projects, grand openings, successful events and new homes for great artists! Take a look back at some of the highlights of 2013.

Kelley Lindquist

Creative Placemaking: What Comes Next?

Kelley Lindquist

At the beginning of 2013, we published a piece by Kelley Lindquist on the Artspace approach to Creative Placemaking. Now we follow that up with an examination of the movement and some thoughts on the future.


Dance Place's Carla Perlo receives 'Outstanding Service to the Arts' award

Join us in congratulating Founding Director of Dance Place Carla Perlo, winner of the 2013 Mayor's Arts Award for Excellence in Service to the Arts! Dance Place is located in Brookland Artspace Lofts. 


Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Shawn McLearen

Artspace's Shawn McLearen was invited to testify before the New York City Council's Committee on Cultural Affairs on October 21. Read his testimony on Making New York Affordable for Artists.

Creative Index cover 2013

Minneapolis Creative Index

In January of 2013, the Office of the City Coordinator in the City of Minneapolis published a report about the city's creative vitality showing Minneapolis area art economy is the sixth biggest in the nation.



 Argonaut Building  © 2013 Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.

The One Building that Explains How Detroit Could Come Back

Jennifer Bradley and Bruce Katz, Republic Magazine

The core of Detroit, encompassing the Midtown and Downtown neighborhoods, are undergoing a revival.

Cowles Center Stage

Creative placemaking: Rethinking the role of arts and culture in strengthening communities

Kresge CEO Rip Rapson addresses the League of Historic American Theatres' conference

CEO of The Kresge Foundation, Rip Rapson, delivered an insightful keynote at The Cowles Center during the League of Historic American Theatres' recent conference, of which Artspace was a sponsor. 

A map of state-level rankings generated by this project

The National Endowment for the Arts Releases New Research Tool on Working Artists

National Endowment for the Arts

What do we know about the 2.1 million artists in the United States' labor force? To help answer that question, the NEA today released "Equal Opportunity Data Mining: National Statistics about Working Artists."

Kelley Lindquist

Creative Placemaking: The Artspace Approach

Kelley Lindquist

I travel probably 26 weeks a year, and wherever I go, people are ready to talk about arts-led community transformation under the umbrella of “creative placemaking,” and they are ready to have a complex, nuanced exchange. 

Brookland Artspace Lofts

Artspace's Principles of Community-Focused Development

Although Artspace develops real estate, we work in many ways that fundamentally differ from traditional real estate development. Here are a few of the core principles that differentiate our work from more typical, for-profit real estate development.


For the Walker Art Center, a Shop That Peddles Evanescence

Melena Ryzik, New York Times

The Walker Art Center, a contemporary-art and performance center in Minneapolis, has launched a unique conceptual art pop-up store called Intangibles where many of the items for sale in are interactions rather than objects. “People want life experiences and memories that aren’t mass-produced for consumption, that are special and created by an artist,” commented Christine Kuan, chief curator for Artsy.

Artspace Immersion: Twin Cities

Artspace Immersion: Twin Cities  is a FREE 18-month cohort program for Twin Cities-based arts, creative, and cultural organizations to advance their facility and space-related goals. Deadline December 15.

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Why Artspace Matters

Watch these amazing stories in this video short which includes footage shot by Artspace-affiliated artists around the country, featured artists showing and talking about their work, their spaces and their communities.