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Artspace Consulting in Burlington, VT
Artspace Consulting in Burlington, VT

Artspace Consulting helps communities. Although we have many different kinds clients they all have one thing in common: they want to build better communities through the arts.

Perhaps it's a City looking to revitalize its downtown. Or an arts organization that has outgrown its home. Or a building owner looking for ways to support the arts community. Or an arts institution that needs advice about modernizing its campus.

Our goal is to help identify solutions that not only make their vision possible but also make their communities safer, more attractive, and more livable.

The majority of our clients come from three sectors:

Creative Sector

Arts Organizations, Creative Businesses...

We help the creative community by providing guidance about practical, affordable solutions to their space issues.

In Boston, we helped an arts center identify redevelopment options for an historic arts studio building. In Philadelphia, we helped an arts school come to terms with the space challenges of a multi-building campus. In Bemidji, Minnesota, we helped the local arts council identify a new home for its expanding programs and worked with them to make a case for it in the community.

Public Sector

Cities, Government Agencies...
We work with municipal agencies and other public sector clients to accomplish these goals by helping them align major civic initiatives – such as urban revitalization, affordable housing, historic preservation, and transit-oriented development – with the arts. Artists are good for communities. The arts create jobs and draw tourists and visitors. Arts activities make neighborhoods livelier, safer, and more attractive.

Private Sector

Nonprofits, Foundations, Downtown Associations...

We help our private sector clients find arts-related solutions to a broad range of issues. Nonprofit organizations turn to Artspace Consulting for help in planning new facilities, upgrading existing ones, or addressing specific space needs. Foundations look to us for advice about how to harness the power of the arts to advance their own missions. Other clients include downtown associations and architects planning for affordable art or cultural facilities.

We've worked in 45 states and counting…

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