Spencer Stephens

Multi-Discipline, El Barrio’s Artspace PS109

Spencer Stephens, or the Monarch of Movement, as he vicariously likes to describe himself; is a multidisciplinary artistic talent. Having embraced and studied the performing arts for a majority of his life, he is what many would refer to as a 'triple threat'. Shortly after the success of this show, Spencer went on to release his debut E.P.; iKonic A.R.T. (Authentic Renditions of Today) under the Klark Kent moniker. This debut effort has been downloaded over 4,000 times and viewed on music site Datpiff over 8,000 times.

His talent in songwriting has caused him to be likened to some of R&B and Hip-hop's greatest talents -- a most humbling ode to this budding artist. It is his hope that in 2015 he will release his sophomore digital release, headline his first major show or festival and finally share with the world the many talents he has been blessed with. Follow Spencer on Instagram @SuperFITsual.

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iKonic A.R.T. Album Cover

iKonic A.R.T. Album Cover

Spencer Performing