Liza Sylvestre

Illustration, Artspace Jackson Flats

Liza Sylvestre was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her early life and adolescence was defined by a significant and progressive hearing loss. Communication became increasingly dependent on small details that she became sensitive to. This simple physical fact created a very distinct lens through which she processed the world, and continues to process the world.

Sylvestre is a recipient of a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant 2014 and a Minnesota State Arts Board Arts Learning Grant. She has shown in galleries in California, Oregon, New Hampshire, Miami, Minnesota, New York, Australia and Canada. 

Sylvestre is a founder of Create Move Communicate with Angela Olson and Canae Weiss; artists and teachers who come from different artistic disciplines, and have varying hearing abilities. They believe that art can be used to bridge the gaps presented by communication barriers.

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