Edward James Castrillon

Musician/Singer, El Barrio’s Artspace PS109

Edward James Castrillon is the vocalist and songwriter for the New York City based post-hardcore rock band, Atabey. Born and bred in Spanish Harlem, Edward's style is seasoned with 20th century American and Latin influences. A self-taught guitarist, he is of Colombian and Puerto Rican descent with a fondness for 1950s Americana and everything vintage.

Edward, fascinated with poetry, music and song writing early on, expressed his own talent by singing at the age of two. He listened to artists like Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Billie Holiday and later sparked an interest in Punk bands like Iggy Pop and the Misfits. His melodic style was later fueled by 90s Metal bands like Type O Negative and Grunge bands like Nirvana which strengthened his style with heavy riffs and dramatic lyrics. 

After co-founding Atabey in 2007, Edward became a staple in local venues like Webster Hall, Knitting Factory and Arlene's Grocery Store where his band has blown the roof many times. In 2013, Edward founded Ghosts in Orbit, a musical project which he continues to build by writing music and planning future shows. Currently, Edward can be seen singing his heart out on stage at clubs, bars, cafés, and lounges across the five boroughs. When he's not with a mic in hand, Edward works as a teachers aide, mentoring children and keeping them out of trouble.

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