Alenka Kraigher

Theater Arts, El Barrio’s Artspace PS109

Alenka is an actor, writer and film director, who has appeared Off-Broadway and in many downtown theaters. She played lead roles in Richard Foreman’s avant-garde works at The Public Theater and most recently performed in John Jesurun’s long-running ’Chang In a Void Moon’ play series. She will also be featured in his ‘Shadowland’ web series.  

Alenka has a degree in Film and TV Directing from The Academy for Theater, Radio, Film and Televsion, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and has written and directed short films and documentaries shown internationally in over twenty countries.

She loves writing short stories and has published non-fiction articles. At the moment she is preparing to shoot an experimental short film and a sketch comedy.

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Alenka's Headshot

‘Old-Fashioned Prostitutes’

"Idiot Savant", with Willem Dafoe

"Idiot Savant" with Elina Lowensohn and Willem Dafoe


John Jesurun's "Chang in a Void Moon, episode 61"

Alenka as King Basilio in "Life is a Dream"

Alenka doing voiceover for a short film

"Old-Fashioned Prostitutes" with Rocco Sisto